Paddington cookies

Paddington cookies

I’m not sure if those of you outside of the UK will understand why I have named these Paddington Cookies, but if you are, and you do, then top marks for you!


1 cup whole wheat/wholemeal flour
1/2 cup white flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter
4 rounded tablespoons shredless marmalade


1) Sift the white flour and them combine all the dry ingredients.

2) Warm the butter and marmalade in a pan until the butter is completely melted and the marmalade is mostly dissolved (don’t worry if you have a few undissolved bits of marmalade left, I did, and I didn’t worry about it).

3) Pour the butter and marmalade into the dry ingredients and mix until combined.

4) Use an ice-cream scoop to put even sized dollops of cookie mixture onto a baking sheet covered with baking parchment. Press them down gently with the back of a wooden spoon, their shape won’t alter during cooking, so press them fully into your desired final cookie shape. I drew a few lines on the top for decoration.

5) Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C/350F for 12 minutes.

6) Leave to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.

These cookies have an unusually hard chewy texture which those of us who ate them, really liked. The marmalade taste is quite subtle so another time I may include some grated orange zest to bring out more of an orange taste. Or if not orange zest, then ginger, I think that would work well.


14 responses to “Paddington cookies

  1. Those look yummy! By the way, I finally made that chocolaty, pudding, cakey desert you posted the recipe for a while back. So, so, good!! Served it with vanilla ice cream. My family devoured it. It’s definitely a do-over. 🙂


    • Yay! I’m always so pleased when people come back back and say that they’ve tried a recipe I posted here! One of my friends has tried a few things I’ve posted here and then put a picture of the result on Facebook and I can’t tell how how delighted I am when that happens!


  2. The orange zest sounds like a good addition. I really like the way citrus zests enhance the flavors of the juices (or jams and such) in a recipe. And yes, I’m not sure about the Paddington name. I’m guessing maybe something to do with the bear?


  3. I love your “don’t worry about it” attitude with some of these recipes, Vanessa. It makes baking so much more fun. 🙂

    I never understood Paddington Bear’s fascination with marmalade – don’t like the stuff, myself – but this might be a good way to finish off some of those jars. I like the idea of grated zest or ginger, too. I wonder if crystallized ginger would work…?

    Thanks for the simple recipe! I will have to try it. 🙂


    • I do like marmalade myself, but even if you don’t the marmalade taste is so subtle here, I’m sure it wouldn’t worry you, I think it more does something to the texture. I actually meant to add some baking powder or bicarb to the recipe when I made them, and completely forgot, so I ended up with something different than I thought I would end up with – I do a lot of “Don’t worry about it” with my cooking! Yes, I bet crystalized ginger would be good in them! 🙂


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