Hello, I’m Vanessa, glad you could join me here at Sugarness. This site was launched on 1 January 2013 and was initially dedicated to everything sweet – fudge, candies, cakes, cookies. Since then I have branched out into posting non-sweet things too. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but I’m certainly no expert. I share both my successes and my failures on here, feel free to share yours too in the comments!

Depending where recipes are sourced from, the ingredients may either be measured in cups or by weight, so I have also included a page to help you make the conversion if you prefer one measurement form over another – weight/cup conversion

Of course I advocate moderation when it comes to eating sugar. Sweet treats should be just that, an occasional treat, not a staple part of our daily diets!

You are welcome to leave a comment below, or if you would like to submit content for the site, or to contact me privately, please email – sugarness@live.com

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  1. Thanks for offering the measurement conversion. I’m trying to convert my kitchen to metric (because Japanese recipes are done in metric, and my husband’s favorite splits recipe doesn’t deal with cups and teaspoons), but it’s always nice when a site supplies that conversion beforehand.

    One thing, since you mention it, is I’m interested in sweetness conversions. You’re right that sugar should be used in moderation, when possible. Have you investigated substitutes of sugary or fatty ingredients? I don’t mean artificial sweeteners, but things like applesauce in place of oil, organic honey in place of sugar? Baking is so much more an exact science than cooking, so I’m always a bit leery of playing mad scientist, but if you’ve tried any (or have found reliable resources), that would be something I’d be curious about.

    Good luck with the new blog. Looks like it’s going to be sweet! 😀


    • That’s a great idea Mayumi, thank you. I’ll do some research on that, and will definitely post something about that at some point because a lot of people are interested in substitutes for ingredients aren’t they, either because they are intolerant of certain foods, or to be healthier.


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