Weight/Cup Conversion

Generally it is best to stick to the measurement format used within a recipe as conversions are usually not 100% accurate. However, if you do wish to convert a recipe, here are conversions for some of the basic ingredients which you may come across on Sugarness:

Butter/margarine: 1 cup = 225g = 8oz

Chocolate chips: 1 cup = 175g = 6oz

Cocoa powder: 1 cup = 100g = 4oz

Currants: 1 cup = 150g = just over 5oz

Flour, white: 1 cup = just over 100g = just over 4oz

Flour, whole wheat: 1 cup = 150g = just under 5oz

Sugar, white: 1 cup = 225g = 8oz

Sugar, brown: 1 cup = 200g = 7oz

Sugar, icing/confectioners: 1 cup = 125g = just under 5oz

These conversions were sourced from recipes4us, if you do not find the ingredient you are looking for listed above, then go to the recipes4us site for a fuller list of ingredient conversions.

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