I’ve Always Wanted to Present a Cooking Show…

…and now I’ve had the chance, well, sort of, I made my own little five minute cookery video with my lovely friend Stacey Morgan from Morganic Films  and my partner Neil. We had such fun doing this as you’ll probably be able to tell. See below for how to make Gypsy Tart – Vanessa, Stacey and Neil style! Most credit goes to Stacey as she had to put it all together, thanks Stacey!


41 responses to “I’ve Always Wanted to Present a Cooking Show…

  1. This is so wonderful, Vanessa! I loved it. (You tart, you. 😉 ) And the opening is so cute. But I would be terrified if you peeked inside my oven like you did in yours, because it’s embarrassingly dirty. Really must clean it someday.

    You should make this a regular feature. Better yet, send it into someone. I could easily see you having a cooking show on TV, forehead bandages and all!

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  2. This was great, Vanessa! I’d love to see more video posts for your blogs. 🙂 I am in awe of your multiple talents! And it would be such fun if you did a cooking show because you know our PBS stations would import it, and then we’d get to brag about knowing you before you became a star. 🙂


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