Making Fondant Animals and People

Man and animals made of fondant

I’ve wanted to have a go at making things out of fondant icing for a while now, but as I was never very good at Play-Doh when I was a kid, I didn’t expect much success. I was pleasantly surprised though last night when I made these and discovered it was much easier than I had imagined. I see lots of cakes topped with fondant characters in my future! I followed the instructions laid out in this excellent book that I have:

Cake book by Carol Deacon


– Fondant, you can buy ready-made (in the UK it is often just called “Ready to roll icing”, or sometimes “Sugarpaste”). Or you can make your own fondant by kneading 500g icing/confectioners sugar with 1 egg white or equivalent amount reconstituted egg white powder, and 2 tablespoons liquid glucose.

– Food colouring. I would suggest getting red, yellow, blue, green and black. Other colours can be made by mixing. For instance, the flesh colour for the man is made by mixing a little red and yellow into the fondant.

– Some water.

– Dried spaghetti (maybe, depending on what you make).

– A few tools. You really don’t need any specialist tools, just a knife and some cocktail sticks really. Oh, and a garlic press to make the man’s hair.


1. Knead the fondant icing a little to soften it up. Separate it into batches and knead colours into them as required. Once you’ve prepared the fondant, keep it in individual airtight containers and take each piece out as you need it, otherwise it will dry out.

2. The pictures below show the different shapes that need to be made for each character.

3. Stick the pieces together by dabbing a little water on, this will dissolve the fondant a little to make its own sugar glue.

4. If you want additional structural support use a piece of raw spaghetti pushed through (I did this with the man by pushing it through the bend in the leg part, then threading the body and head on top ). Spaghetti is less dangerous than a cocktail stick if someone bites into it.

The basic shapes are pretty simple…


Man parts made of fondant

Fondant man

Make the hair by pushing a piece of fondant through a garlic press



Fondant dog parts

Fondant dog


Fondant elephant parts

Fondant elephant


Fondant crocodile parts

Fondant crocodile

See, there’s nothing to it!

Fondant man and dog


22 responses to “Making Fondant Animals and People

    • I must admit I kind of amazed myself with these because I’m no good at drawing people and animals, so I assumed I wouldn’t be good at shaping them either! The garlic press idea was in that book, it has lots of neat ideas like that!

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  1. Those are way too darn cute! I watched my cousin make fondant once with marshmellows, I’m not sure how he did it but it came out pretty darn tasty!


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