The Moment My Daughter’s Cake Fail Appeared on TV

Be proud to show off your cake fails

Well I just HAD to share this here. My daughter recently baked a cake for a friend’s birthday. It didn’t turn out quite how she had hoped, and so somebody suggested she should send a picture of it in to the BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice’ for their failed bakes section. So she did, and they showed it on last night’s episode! Here’s the clip…


How we laughed!


8 responses to “The Moment My Daughter’s Cake Fail Appeared on TV

    • I know, I do that all the time – I see something lovely that someone has made, it could be a cake, or some other craft thing, and the instructions are all there, and it looks simple, but it totally isn’t!


  1. I love that you all had a laugh over it! And, your daughter should truly be proud of that effort. Hers might not have looked perfect, but it was still cute…and, I’m sure it tasted just as great! ❤

    Thanks for sharing!


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