Slavandria’s Lavender Sorceress Fudge

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Lavender Sorceress Fudge

Tall and slender, Slavandria, Sorceress and Queen of the Southern Forest, is a strong, independent, and stubborn woman. She can be argumentative, aggressive and her sharp sense of humor can be perceived as sarcasm, not that she cares. She is impulsive and impatient, a born leader and never yearns for male attention. She is loyal to a fault and always looks for the good in situations and people. She has the strength to survive the toughest of circumstances alone, and come back even stronger after the most gruesome of tragedies. She does not like flattery and can detect insincerity immediately. She will stand up to any man, is not afraid to speak her mind, and will always follow her instincts, even if it goes against popular opinion. She comes from the island nation of Felindil, and is an exotic beauty with floor-length lavender hair and turquoise eyes. The daughter of a sea captain, she is most at peace walking the cliffs of her ancestral home and splashing in the salty surf with her sister, hippocamps and her nereid friends.

This dark fudge, flavored with lavender to complement Slovandria’s hair, is a bold, unusual, and easy-to-make treat. It’s really not a kid-friendly sweet so why not make some for the adults this halloween?

This recipe is part of the series of Fallhollow Recipes I have created with author J.Keller-Ford for characters in her new book In The Shadow of the Dragon King, to be published in 2016. This will be the first book in The Chronicles of Fallhollow trilogy. See below the recipe to find out more.


– 1 cup raw extra virgin coconut oil (it really is worth buying a good quality coconut oil, some of the cheaper ones can taste rancid. A good one should have a very subtle, slightly sweet taste. The finished recipe shouldn’t taste of coconut)

– 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

– 3/4 cup powdered sugar

– 1 teaspoon lavender essence (be sure it’s the type specifically for food use)

– 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

– Black food coloring (optional)

– Powdered sugar, water and purple food coloring for the decoration


1. Line a tin, roughly 8″ x 8″ (greaseproof paper or baking parchment is fine to line).

2. Place the coconut oil in a pan on a very low heat until it is only just melted.

3. Sift the cocoa and powdered sugar into a bowl. Pour in the coconut oil and mix well until it is completely smooth.

4. Add the salt and lavender essence and mix. Take care with the lavender, it’s a very intense flavor, and not to everyone’s taste. If you’re not sure, just add half a teaspoon and taste it before deciding whether to add the other half teaspoon. If you’re using the black coloring, add as much as you want until the fudge has reached the desired darkness.

5. Pour the fudge into the lined tin and place in the fridge for an hour to set. Then turn it out onto a board and remove the paper.

6. Mix two or three tablespoons of powered sugar with enough water until it is just runny enough to drizzle, but not too wet. Mix in some purple coloring until it reaches the shade you want. Drizzle it randomly over the top of the fudge.

7. Once the icing is set and the fudge is at room temperature, cut into squares (if you try to cut it while the fudge is still cold it will break). Store in an airtight tub at room temperature (but don’t let it get too warm!).

Lavender Sorceress Fudge

In the Shadow of the Dragon King, coming Summer 2016 – A seventeen-year-old squire with knightly ambitions reluctantly joins forces with a sixteen-year-old overachiever to slay a dragon, free the realm, and maybe even get the girl.

J Keller-Ford Author Info

J Keller FordJ. (Jenny) Keller Ford is a scribbler of Young Adult and New Adult speculative fiction. As an Army brat, she traveled the world and wandered the halls of some of Germany’s most extraordinary castles in hopes of finding snarky dragons, chivalrous knights and wondrous magic to permeate her imagination. What she found remains etched in her topsy-turvy mind and oozes out in sweeping tales of courage, sacrifice, honor and ever-lasting love.

When not torturing her keyboard or trying to silence the voices in her head, Jenny spends time collecting seashells, bowling, screaming on roller coasters and traveling. She is a mom to four magnificent and noble offspring, and currently lives in paradise on the west coast of Florida with a menagerie of royal pets, and her own quirky knight who was brave enough to marry her.

Find out more about Jenny here –

Twitter: @jkellerford


4 responses to “Slavandria’s Lavender Sorceress Fudge

  1. These look delightful!! My family is not into ‘bitter’, so how much sugar do you think I should add to the fudge to appeal to their taste buds? And where do you get edible lavender essence? I can’t wait to try this recipe. I love fudge and it’s so perfect for Slavandria.

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