Pumpkin Muffins from Two Ingredients

Pumpkin muffins

Usually I like to promote the making of things from scratch around here, but sometimes it’s fun to take a few shortcuts and whip something up easily which gives you that home-baked appeal with shop bought ease. I first saw this idea on Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts, and have since seen it in a couple of other places too.


Cake mix and pumpkin

– 1 can of pumpkin (for my fellow UK peeps – you can buy canned pumpkin in Tesco at the moment)

– 1 box cake mix (whatever cake mix you think would go well with pumpkin, you could just go for a simple vanilla cake, but I fancied the look of this Apple & Cinnamon Tray Bake Mix).

Optional extra ingredients:

– A little extra flour (I’ve made these twice with that particular box mix, the first time they were a little TOO moist perhaps, and then I spotted that this mix is only 420g, whereas the other Betty Crocker cake mixes were mainly 450g, so I added some extra flour the second time and they were better).

– Some brown sugar or oats to sprinkle on top.


1. Mix the pumpkin into the cake mix.

2. Divide into muffin cases (I divided into 10 cases).

3. If you’re using brown sugar or oats, then sprinkle that on top.

4. Bake at the temperature recommended on the cake box for 15-20 mins until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

And voila!



22 responses to “Pumpkin Muffins from Two Ingredients

  1. Love the super quick prep with this one. No one else in my house likes pumpkin. I, on the other hand, love it. But I haven’t had much time to bake lately. This recipe would solve the time factor. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Love this recipe. Saw it on Facebook about a year ago. You can use the same recipe and add a whole package of chocolate chips and drop by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet and you get these soft cookies. Yum. They sure smelled good and my grand kids gobbled them up.


  3. I used to make pumpkin bread. If I had time, I’d look for the recipe for you, but I’m kind of bogged down right now. Wish I had one of your muffins! (Btw, canned pumpkin is around all year here in the States.)


    • Wish I could post you some muffins, but don’t think they’d survive the trip! Yes, in the UK however canned pumpkin is quite a new ingredient, it’s not something that most people over here will have used, so I wonder if it’s only available seasonally for now.


  4. Hi Vanessa,

    I work for Twin Pines Landscaping, and we are putting together a bunch of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes featuring fruits and veggies to share on our social media accounts! With your permission, weโ€™d love to share your picture and link to the recipe here on your blog! Let us know what you think!

    Thanks, and Happy Almost Thanksgiving!
    Ashley DiFranza and The Twin Pines Landscaping Team


  5. Sometimes, you just can’t beat ease of preparation, especially at busy times of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband’s the big pumpkin fan in our family, and I bet he’d love these!


  6. i didn’t even know you could eat pumpkins until recently – I thought they were just halloween decorations. What a waste to use them at halloween and then not eat them! … bah humbug ….!


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