Ingredient – Roasted Peppers

Roasted peppers make a lovely ingredient for pasta dishes, salads, sandwich fillings and more. And there’s no need to buy them in a jar when it’s so easy to make your own. To clarify, when I say “peppers” I am referring to what they generally call “bell peppers” in the States, “capsicums” in Australia/New Zealand and here in the UK we usually just call “peppers”.

This works best with red, yellow or orange peppers, but if you prefer green then I shan’t stop you!

1. Wash the peppers.

Washed peppers


2. Place them in an oven dish or baking tray.

Peppers raw

3. Place in oven 180C/350F for about 45 mins, turning a couple of times, till they look something like this:

Cooked peppers

4. Cover with foil and leave for 30 mins.

peppers covered in foil

5. Remove the stalks, peel and de-seed. The peel comes away very easily. Slice, and voila…

Finished roasted and sliced peppers

My top serving suggestion is to make a pasta sauce by adding them to chorizo, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Remember if you’re using them in a cooked dish, add them right near the end just to heat through as they are already cooked soft.

At some point I plan to experiment putting them in a jar with oil, maybe a garlic clove, perhaps a lemon wedge, maybe a sprig or two of something. Sounds good doesn’t it?


11 responses to “Ingredient – Roasted Peppers

  1. Looks like it would be a great addition to a pasta sauce. But I’ll have to omit the red peppers–they give me miserable dyspepsia. The other colors don’t though. Is very strange. 🙂


  2. Here in Colorado down at Pueblo, green chilis are grown and there is a festival every fall where they put the chilis in big drums and roast them over open fires. Smells wonderful! See this link: Many varieties of hot chilis are favored in the Southwestern USA, as I’m sure you know, so that’s why we say bell peppers or sweet peppers. Personally, I prefer sweet peppers, because spicy-hot foods make my nose run! LOL


    • Ooh, I’ll check out that link in a bit, that sounds wonderful! Yes, we tend to just call the hot ones chillies and the sweet ones peppers, even though we know that they are all peppers! I love the hot ones, but in moderation, I can’t cope with too much hot!


    • I don’t think they would keep that long in a jar, unless there was a way to make it air tight like the bought ones! But maybe it would be nice to just leave them to marinate in oil and garlic and whatever for a few days and then use them in a salad, or some other cold dish.


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