Christmas Bauble Cakes

Christmas bauble cake pops

This time it was my son’s turn to get creative in the kitchen. His class received a homework assignment this week to make a Christmas present for someone else in the class. It could be anything as long as it was homemade. He decided he wanted to make cakes that looked like Christmas tree baubles for his friend. We got out our trusty cake pop maker and did this…


For the cakes:

Any basic cupcake recipe should be fine, this is the one we used:

100g caster/fine sugar
100g white flour
Half teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
50g butter
1 large egg
60ml milk
Half teaspoon vanilla essence

For the decoration:

Icing sugar
Sparkly red, green and silver sugar sprinkles


1) Throw all the cake ingredients into a bowl and beat with an electric mixer until well combined and smooth.

2) Pre-heat your cake pop maker for 5 minutes, spoon mixture into it (this quantity of mixture makes 24 cake pops, so that’s 2 batches on a standard 12 ball maker).

3) Cook for 5 minutes (unless your machine has different instructions, in which case follow those!).

4) Remove cakes and cool completely on a rack.

5) Mix the icing sugar and water. Don’t ask me about quantities here because we didn’t measure, but you want a fairly liquid consistency. Pour sprinkles onto plates.

6) One at a time, roll the cakes in the icing mixture until fully, but thinly, coated (you may need to hold them up and let some of it drip off). Then roll them into the sprinkles until completely covered. Place them on sheets of baking paper to set.

We then placed them into a box lined with tissue paper, and tied it up with some festive curling ribbon to make a nice gift. We did first contemplate trying to use some silver or gold thread to turn them into actual hanging baubles, but my son decided he preferred to just leave them like this. I think these would be a lovely addition to a Christmas party food table…

Christmas bauble cake pops


23 responses to “Christmas Bauble Cakes

  1. Great idea for an afternoon in with the kids, as well as gift/party favors. I really like your description of step 1, Vanessa: “Throw all the ingredients into a bowl…!” Makes it sound so much more active and fun. 🙂


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