Peppermint creams in the snow

Peppermint creams on a plate in the snow

After the trickiness of last week’s macaroons, we decided to try something much simpler this week; peppermint creams. My son and I made these.


1lb icing (powdered) sugar (just over 3.5 cups)

4 tablespoons condensed milk

Several drops of peppermint oil

A few drops of blue or green food colouring (I only used colouring because I wanted to photograph them in the snow, otherwise it really isn’t necessary!)

Chocolate for decorating


1) Sift the icing sugar and then work in the condensed milk, peppermint oil and colouring (if you’re using it). We found that we needed a bit more condensed milk than the suggested amount, but you’ll be able to judge that as you work it in. The quantity of peppermint oil will depend on how strong you like it, we used two little capfuls.

2) You’ll end up with something resembling a dough. Roll it out to your desired thickness on a surface dusted with icing sugar, and then cut circles out with a small round cutter.

3) Melt chocolate and drizzle/splatter it over the peppermint creams. We used a teaspoon to do this from quite high above them. Leave them in a cool place to set.

The quantity that we have on the plate in the picture is about a third of the total yield.

These would make a lovely gift. Either in a pretty little box, with something like greaseproof paper in between each layer, or gather a few up into a piece of cellophane and tie with some curling ribbon. I have a big roll of this dotty cellophane which is really handy for making gifts.

Peppermint creams in cellophane

My daughter suggested that instead of blue peppermint creams, you could use a few drops of red colouring to make them pink, then use a small heart shaped cutter instead of round, drizzle the chocolate in the same way, and you have a lovely valentine’s gift.


19 responses to “Peppermint creams in the snow

  1. Very cute. I like the blue. I made my sister peppermint creams last Christmas along with the recipe. She hadn’t had them since we were kids so she was delighted. I made swirly green and blue ones. Yours look more tempting. I like the hearts idea. Might make some for valentines day. (And eat them all myself).


  2. Vanessa,
    I think you must be much neater than I am; your treats always look so pretty. My kids agree that my sweets taste good but usually have a lopsided appearance. ; )

    I love the valentine-pink idea!


    • I think I make more of an effort to be neater when I know I’m going to be photographing them for this site! Also, I pick the best looking ones to photograph, there are always lopsided rejects (they still get eaten of course!).


  3. What a great idea for a school bake sale. And how cool that your son creates goodies with you. The only thing I can get my boys in the kitchen for is dinner. Though I did teach my oldest how to make his favorite dish–essentially linguine with olive oil and seasonings. This way he can make it himself and not beg me for it. I told the youngest he’ll soon be learning how to make at least one dish, too. It will be good for when they’re older–can impress the ladies. 🙂


  4. Gosh, I think you’re a bit of a cooking goddess!! I don’t think I read the macaroon post, but I remember seeing the photo on my reader and thinking: it’s so nice to see what happens when real people make macaroons, rather than staring at a perfect photo in a cookbook and thinking: there’s no way mine are going to look like that.


    • I’m really not a cooking goddess, although I do seem to be more successful with sweet things than with main meal type things. Yes, I had been hoping my macaroons would look like those perfect ones in cookbooks, but once I had accepted that they weren’t going to, I was reasonably happy with how they came out!


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